Faulty/Damaged Item Returns

SurfStitch carries a huge range of products from a large number of brands and occasionally items can sneak through quality control or can just have something go wrong. We understand that having a faulty item isn't a great experience and our dedicated returns team is here to make sure we resolve the issue for you as soon as possible. The information below will explain the process for returning a faulty product and the process involved in resolving the issue for you.

  • If you receive an item you believe to be faulty, the first step is to contact our customer service team immediately so we can look into the issue for you and arrange to get the item back from you.

  • In most cases we will request images of the fault (if applicable) so the fault can be assessed before advising you on the next course of action. If you are contacting us via the online contact form you will be asked to attach pictures to your enquiry.

  • Once your product has been assessed we will arrange a replacement or refund when possible, or begin the process of having the item repaired as per the brands warranty.

  • Goods received faulty will generally be replaced within 24 hours of being received by us. Used goods may be sent to the manufacturer for repair and we will advise you if this is the case.


Faulty Products and Repairs Information

All repairs are carried out by the manufacturer and not by SurfStitch. In some cases, faulty items cannot be repaired and a replacement or refund will be offered. SurfStitch cannot control the availability of parts of replacement goods.

SurfStitch has no control over manufacturer warranty periods, nor can we control repair periods and cannot advise what they will be. We will however do everything we can to ensure your faulty item is handled as quickly as possible and that you are informed throughout the process. In cases where you have returned goods directly to the manufacturer, SurfStitch cannot be held accountable for repair periods or communication from the manufacturer.

Each manufacturer may have different warranty periods or service standards for faulty items. SurfStitch works closely with its brands to ensure faulty items are dealt with promptly, but we have no control over the repairs or assessment process for warranty issues. In most cases, products returned in used condition will be repaired instead of replaced and will not be refunded unless repair is impossible. Any items returned outside of the warranty period will generally incur a charge for the repair. For more information on your products warranty, please contact the brand directly.

Watches and Audio

Items in brand new condition will usually be replaced or refunded by the SurfStitch returns department. Any used products will be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. Items under warranty will be repaired free of charge, but repairs not covered under the brands warranty will incur a fee. We will advise you if fees will be charged before any repairs are carried out.


Once used, any wetsuit faults are dealt with by the manufacturer directly. In most cases suitable repairs will be carried out under warranty and the product will be returned to you. If the item cannot be repaired a replacement or refund will be offered. Wetsuits must be returned dry and clean or delays will occur.

GoPro Cameras

Please ensure you have visited the GoPro Support site before contacting SurfStitch about your GoPro. Many questions and issues can be resolved here: http://www.gopro.com/support


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