Warranty Guide

Some items don't work as expected, but here's a quick guide to making sure your faulty item is dealt with as  quickly and easily as possible.

1. One persons fault is another person's fashion - If your tshirt or jeans arrived with rips or holes, please check the product on site and make sure this isn't a design feature.

2. Check your product warranty - We wish our brands made indestructible products, but some things just wear down over time. If your 5 year old shoes have some wear on the sole there isn't much we can do about that unfortunately.

3. Fair's fair - If your product falls within the standard warranty periods and you believe it has a  fault, please contact our customer service team here. The team will advise you on the next steps.

As we carry a large range of products from a large range of brands, each product may have its own warranty period. To provide a general idea of how long your item will be covered under warranty please see the guide below.

This chart is to be used as a guide only. For specific brand and product information please contact the brand directly. Please note this is ONLY and estimate.

Product Type Component        Warranty Period
Clothing & Apparel   3 Months
Footwear   3 Months
Watches Battery 1 Year
  Movement Up to 5 Years
  Bands Not Covered
Wetsuits Legs & Arms 1-3 Years
  Seams, Joins, Stitching & Zips 1-3 Years
Accessories (Non-Electric)   3 Months
Accessories (Audio)   1 Year
Accessories (Cameras)   1 Year
Bags Handbags & Laptop Cases 3 Months
  Backpacks & Satchels 1 Year
  Makeup Cases & Toiletry Bags 3 Months
  Cabin & Travel Bags 1 Year


Each manufacturer may have different warranty periods or service standards for faulty items. SurfStitch works closely with its brands to ensure faulty items are dealt with promptly, but we have no control over the repairs or assessment process for warranty issues. In most cases, products returned in used condition will be repaired instead of replaced and will not be refunded unless repair is impossible. Any items returned outside of the warranty period will generally incur a charge for the repair. For more information on your products warranty, please contact the brand directly.

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